Palestine must be listened

The digital blockade against Palestine is extensive and multifaceted, starting with the lack of recognition of the borders recognized by the United Nations for Palestine and the adoption of Israeli occupation maps through many electronic map services such as Google and Apple, and the absence of Palestine in the list of countries to which e-commerce goods can be delivered.

However, the height of the siege and digital executions was between 2015 and 2016. At the time, Facebook closed about 200 accounts and pages of Palestinian activists because they were writing about field executions carried out by the Israeli occupation forces.

This incident was a primary reason for launching our voluntary initiative, Echo Social Center, to document these violations and restore the deleted Palestinian content.

The intensification of the attack on Palestinian content is always linked to events on the ground.

Media institutions and journalists have suffered heavy losses due to the repressive policies of communication platforms against them, as they cannot practice their work freely as a result of preventing these platforms from using many terms related to the Palestinian cause.

Last year, "Sada Social Center" documented more than 1,200 violations against Palestinian content by various communication platforms.

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