From the River to the Sea

Every story has unlimited number of beginnings,
and this is one of the beginnings of the story of
our suffering...

First Zionist Congress


Establishing a home for the Jews in Palestine

After the international dicision making my land
a home for Jews

countries around the world
celebrated the decision
and endowed my land to Israel

However, they kept me a piece of it,
O for thier generosity!

As a result of this decision,
many of my family and neighbors were forced to immagrate from their lands
in two stages:

In 1948, they suffered from Nakba,
and traveled to where their feet led them

In 1967, they suffered from Naksa,
things got worse again,
Israel caved in for more,
and stole the pieces that had remained

However, if you asked my family
how is it going on?
they say:
our hearts are still living there.

My family on their way to the diaspora in 1948

Elders, young men and children

In conjunction with the Naksa in 1967,
Israelies started roaming the land
even its mosques

war began,
and the world proposed to us
the two-state solution

Countries of the world said,
you've had enough war,
your solution lies in the two state
where both of you can live with
peace and stability

So, the goals are
Living in a safe place,
with recognized boundaries.

Did we achieve these goals?

What is seen in real life
is that Israel hasn't responded to the UN security council resolutions

and wasn't satisfied with the boundaries which it was given

Israel wanted more



And an
apartheid wall
which cuts my land into
two parts
when it is completed,
Israel will posses an area of
​​1.6 million
dunams of my lands

And the capital of my land,
they called it their capital,
and moved their embassy to it

And Israeli settlements
scattered my land into pieces

And our neighborhoods have been threatened with demolition and emptying since the beginning of the story until this day

There is not one single place built in this country that did not have a former Arab population.
Moshe Dayan- Israeli Military and politician