74 years and counting, And global attempts to resolve the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, but the Palestinians still:

- killed, captured and oppressed

- Without recognition of our passport in many countries of the world

- No airport, no port

- Without freedom of movement between the provinces to visit our relatives

- exposed to the public theft of our natural resources

- Unable to take back the 3 million Palestinian refugees who live today around the world

Economic boycott of Israel, was the tool of the Arab League in response to the occupation of Palestine in 1948, through:

- Goods & services exported from Israel

- Non-Arab companies that deal with Israel.

- Companies that ship their goods through Israeli ports.

But the economic boycott varied from one country to another





Meanwhile, Israel continued to steal the resources of the Palestinians, and didn't stop

- The theft of the Jordan Valley (the historical food basket of Palestine).

- Theft of 85% of groundwater in Palestine

- Theft of the oil fields in Rantis and Haifa

- Theft of 8 gas fields in Palestinian territorial waters on the Mediterranean

- Theft of the Dead Sea and its natural resources

The World Bank:

Palestine Loses $3.4 Billion Annually due to Israel's Control "C" Area in the West Bank

By "Boycotting Israel"

By Smart Shopping, it's a good start.

Israel's exports of goods in 2020:

- $51 Billion dollars
- Europe and the United States account for two-thirds of exports

Barcode starting with 729 usually indicates a product of Israel.

Why should we boycott Israeli goods?

- 16% of sales of Israeli goods are transferred to the Israeli treasury.
- 15% of Israel's budget is allocated to the army and military spending.

100,000 martyrs since the Nakba until the end of 2020, including 11,000 of them since 2000

The Israeli occupation has arrested a million Palestinians from 1967 until the end of 2020

Expanding the scope of the boycott will bring added value.. We mean boycotting foreign companies that support Israel as well.

Some of the brands you'll have to give up if you boycott Israel, according to the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement, which says economic boycotts are "a form of civil resistance against the Israeli occupation."

Here are the top foreign companies urging BDS to boycott:

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In conclusion, here is the truth
Argentina, one of the three options, along with Palestine and Uganda, to create a national home for the Jews.
How would Argentina be today if it was the real victim?


P10: https://bdsmovement.net/get-involved/what-to-boycott

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